Aug 05

Fashion Model Zainab Qayyum Full Profile

Zainab Qayyum, mostly known as “ZQ” is a famous Pakistani model, Actress and TV host. She is considered to be one of the most experienced faces of the fashion industry. She was awarded as the best model of the year in the LUX Style Awards in 2004 and the most stylish TV ACTRESS award in the Indus Style Awards 2006. She was aired in numerous drama soaps and music videos etc like Abrar-ul-Haque’s song “ASAAN JANA MALO MAAL” and Ali Sher’s song “WOHI RASTEY”Zainab-Qayyum-Profile is here with the biography and portfolio of Zainab Qayyum exclusively for its readers. here it goes;

The beautiful lady; Zainab Qayyum was born in the year 1975 in Karachi. Her family belongs to Kohat but she was born in Karachi. After completing her B.A and M.A, she served a teacher at a grammar school but then she started working for an international magazine ‘LIBAS’ as an assistant editor for two years. She is now happily married to a business man from Dubai named Aslam.

Her modeling career started from the path way of LIBAS, the first catwalk in which she took part was for Vinny, who invited her as a model for the show.

Apart from her modeling career, she also hosted talk shows like Maachis; which gained huge success from people as it was focused on real life family and marital issues. She also hosted a morning show in the Dunya TV channel called Jago Dunya.

Zainab also acted as a lead role in a film by Syed Faisal Bukhari called SALTANAT in 2010 which was shooted in places like Malaysia, Dubai and Pakistan. She performed an item song in that film too. Other films in which she acted were;

  • Susr-in-Law
  •  Dil Hi Jaane
  • Bin Tere Keya Hai Jeena
  • Mei jaan
  • Najar Lage Sayain

Few drama serials in which Zainab was on aired were;

  • Kabhi Na Kabhi
  • Thora Thora Pyar
  • Bewafain
  • Na Jaane Kyu
  • Ye Zindagi Hai

During an interview with the RAW magazine, she was asked a question about her preference towards acting, compeering or modeling. She answered;

When I am hosting it is very hundred percent me. I am not putting much of an effort. I love talking; I love to talk whether it is my friend or mom. Compeering doesn’t work for me. I have been modeling for such a longtime the clothes change, the ramp changes, the choreography changes but basically you are just walking. It is all very natural. Acting is very challenging and I love it. Every time it is like a different character and you have to internalize it. Kill your personality and actually transform into the person you are playing. I am not complaining but since my life is so smooth and boring that being a part of these stormy relationships and love triangles it is very exciting.”

Also, when asked about her interest in acting for Indian films, she replied;

“I would love to do an Indian film but they have to think that I am really good enough. I would like to do it with big banners like Karan Johar, Yash Chopraand Sanjay Leela Bhansali but they have to keep in mind that I won’t do any anti Pakistani movies. I do not like to wear mini and I will not kiss, there are so many limitations. If anyone has a really fabulous and mind blowing idea and keeps my limitations in mind I might do it. At the end of the day I am representing my country being a very patriotic, I will not try to tarnish its reputation in any way.”


From her replies, we can proudly conclude that Zainab Qayyum, a famous fashion model is a beautiful person not just from outside but from inside too. She has respect and love for her coutry and she knows and values her limitations, which for sure is one of the reasons of her popularity and fame