Youth Training & Internalship Scheme 2013 Online Registration By Prime Minister

[highlight]Prime Minister Youth Training/ internships Scheme 2013 Online Registration[/highlight]

The Prime Minister’s Program for Youth has broad canvas of schemes enabling youth and poor people of the population to get the new , more and better opportunities of employment,economic empowerment, acquiring skills

needed for full employment so that there will be no remaining of the un employment person in the pakistani’s poor population.For this purpose also there will be increase in the computer’s education and computer’s training and its use.

spreading use of computers and imparting on-the-job training for young graduates to improve the probability of getting a productive job.PM’s Small Business Loans Scheme 2013

[highlight]How To Apply and Forms with any Registration Process:[/highlight]

You can apply in youth training program as per eligibility criteria mentioned above. The federal cabinet has already given approval to all these initiatives. All arrangements for the implementation of these programs have been completed. The youth training program will be completely on merit basis and transparent.

Therefore Only eligible candidate can be apply for this program on their merit basis because Government of Pakistan will announce the registration procedure with application forms after 3rd October 2013. Here on this page you will soon be updated with the application process and registration forms will be available on this website

Prime Minister Youth Training/ internships Scheme 2013

Brief description Aimed at training the educated youth of Pakistan through internship in private and public sector offices.
Eligibility criteria All those graduates with 16 years of education from HEC approved educational institutions, not more than 25 years of age (26 for less-developed areas).
Geographical spread All Pakistan
Stipend Rs.10,000 per month for 12 months
Number of interns 50,000
Budget Allocation FY 2013-14 Rs.4.0 billion
Executing agency A top class management consulting firm/university from the private sector in collaboration with the Government, will be responsible for the design, placement of internees and their periodic evaluation.
Training program Focal points in each private and public office will be responsible for ensuring effective use of the internees’ services
Areas of training All leading private sector firms and development sector organizations, federal, provincial and local government offices including educational institutions will be offered services of the internees

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